Drift away with this Dreamy Beach seaside beach wedding inspiration. Beautiful blues and creams is what our bride wears. Our Beautiful Beach bride with her handsome groom walk hand in hand on the beach for their wedding day. The water is glistening in the sun, the flowers smell beautiful and the beautiful wedding jewellery is sparkling. The colour scheme and theme is just lovely and it is a very romantic is the setting for this couple.

You could be anywhere in the world yet nothing beats our beautiful beaches on the sunny Gold Coast. This was a lovely beach photo shoot that Redki – Couture Jewellery was featured in. What a tough day, hanging out at the beach for the afternoon. I know someone has to do it so it may as well be me!!! It was fabulous enjoying sand between our toes, lovely breeze and a great team of people as we dressed, bejewelled the bride and photographed our fabulous models.

What I love about this photo shoot is the softness and dreamy tones. The creams and dreamy blues of the fabrics that are softly blowing in the breeze and complimented with bronze and gold wedding jewellery and accessories. Such a beautiful day with the Gold Coast beach and water reflecting a brilliant blue and giving us a glorious day.

Handmade Jewellery and Hairpieces by Redki – Couture Jewellery using swarovski crystal pearls and crystals in bronze and gold. Adding glamour to make a statement by wearing our large bling ring in gold Swarovski crystals.

This crystal ring is one of my favourites as the colour golden shadow goes with a variety of gown styles and colours. It is beautiful for both brides and bridesmaids. Just by adding a matching bracelet and teardrop gold crystal earrings, the flow of colour and styling moves the eye to the pretty double strand crystal and pearl headband to complete the look.

It’s all about bringing the look together with subtle details that compliment each other.

Redki xo

Bridal Crystal Earrings, Redki Couture Jewellery, Made in Brisbane, Australia
The Fabulous Team Behind The Shoot
Makeup Artist- Makeup Shannon Hope
Hair styling- Bella Brides hair and Make up
Gowns- Hilde Heim Designer Bridal Couture
Floral- Madison in Bloom Wedding & Event Floral Design & Stylists
Models- Lily Blucher & Charlie Causer
Menswear- When Freddie met Lilly
Stylist- White Lace & Promises
Photographer- Kaitlin Maree Photography
Handmade Jewellery and Headpieces – Redki – Couture Jewellery
Art Deco Bridal Crystal Earrings, Redki Couture Jewellery, kim kardashian inspired bridal headpiece crystal tiara, Made in Brisbane, Australia
lovely long teardrop chandelier earrings in gorgeous sparkling crystal, Made in Brisbane, Australia
Seaside 13x800 1
bridal necklace redki
Seaside 23x800 1
It is my privilege to be a part of a brides’ journey and you are part of the design process. Creating beautiful, quality unique pieces that become an heirloom for your family. Jewellery that is long lasting and so stunning that you can pass them onto your children and grandchildren, to wear and to be proud to say “Grandma wore this on her wedding day and it is beautiful”.

As I hand solder metal jewellery, saw, hammer, sand and shape as required, being handcrafted enables me to be even more creative for my brides to make jewellery and hairpieces that are unique and not flooding the stores. I help you bring your vision to life to wear on your wedding day, so you know everything is perfect.

Dreamy Beach Bride, Beach Wedding, bridal Jewellery glistens in the sun, featuring Redki Couture Jewellery

➳ Did you always know that you wanted to design Bridal accessories?

Oh yes, as I just love the elegance of the bridal world. I love my marriage and love hearing how couples meet and their beautiful story. I just adore being part of a bride’s journey up to her walking down the aisle and everyone turning in admiration at how beautiful she looks.

My very first bridal jewellery was for a girlfriend who was marrying her love. Her daughter was the bridesmaid and they wanted truly unique jewellery and couldn’t find it anywhere. That is where I came in and created beautiful Swarovski Crystal jewellery for the Bride and Bridesmaid. It is fabulous as they both wear their jewellery beyond the wedding.

Helping brides gives me so much pleasure as I am able to take the stress away for them in creating exactly what they are wanting in their jewellery and hairpieces. Saves them going shop-to-shop or online and not being able to find their perfect pieces, saves time, saves stress and they can concentrate on other areas of their wedding.

I am a very passionate creative person, I love what I do and I feel privileged and honoured beyond words to be part of a brides wedding day.

Dreamy Beach Bride, Beach Wedding, bridal Jewellery glistens in the sun, featuring Redki Couture Jewellery
Dreamy Beach Bride, Beach Wedding, bridal Jewellery glistens in the sun, featuring Redki Couture Jewellery

Also as you walk down the aisle and stand with your love, your guests will see the back and side of your head for some time and the photographer will take photos from this angle; how pretty will it look to have a hairpiece in your hair.

I always suggest that you have your jewellery and hairpieces made by the same jeweller. Buying elsewhere and trying to match just won’t work. You will see the difference, as glass just doesn’t look as beautiful as crystals. It’s like wearing two difference coloured shoes, it just doesn’t look right; and this is your wedding day and you want everything to coordinate and look beautiful.

Choose jewellery that you love, don’t get caught up in trends (remember you will look back at these photos 20 years time and you can avoid that trend). Just be yourself and you will be the most relaxed and comfortable bride, as you know you look beautiful and you will feel empowered and fabulous on your wedding day.