Jewellery, Not for the faint-hearted!

Handmade in Australia

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Jewellery, Not for the Faint-Hearted!

You have discovered the best kept secret for sophisticated unique Handmade Jewellery.
Embrace your individuality, Your Style, Your uniqueness when you wear our statement luxury couture jewellery,
Handmade and Custom made Jewellery
Proudly made in Brisbane, Australia

Manhattan Nights Magenta Pink Ring 30mm Crystal, Rhodium Metal, handmade in Australia, by Redki Couture Jewellery


“Indulge in the captivating allure of our exquisite ring collection. Elevate your style with stunning, handcrafted pieces adorned with brilliant faceted crystals that accentuate your unique charm. Each ring is meticulously crafted for timeless elegance and individual expression, ensuring a divine sparkle to complement every outfit. Discover a spectrum of colors to match your versatile wardrobe.”



“Adorn your wrist with opulent sophistication through our handcrafted bracelets.
Each piece is meticulously designed and handmade with radiant faceted crystals, offering a touch of modern elegance.
Elevate your jewellery collection with these captivating bracelets, crafted to complement and accentuate your distinct style.”

Astor Chiffon Magenta Pink Clear Long Chandelier Earrings, handmade by Redki Couture Jewellery


“Tired of conventional designs?
Discover our diverse selection of handmade earrings, ranging from everyday elegance to stunning statement pieces for any occasion.

Each meticulously handmade pair offers versatility, elegance and absolute sparkle, allowing you to express your unique individuality.”

Manhattan Nights Magenta Pink Ring 30mm Crystal, Rhodium Metal, handmade in Australia, by Redki Couture Jewellery

Tired of conventional, off-the-rack jewellery?

Fashion isn’t just a passion; it’s your world! And you understand that jewellery is the finishing touch to any ensemble. Our pieces bring your style vision to life, offering the most magnificent collections for your remarkable wardrobe.

You deserve exclusive, limited-edition jewellery that captures attention. No more mass-produced pieces for your collection.

When I craft jewellery, it’s with you—the discerning, stylish woman—in mind.
Every piece is proudly handmade in Brisbane, Australia. Discover our Earrings Collection and immerse yourself in the craftsmanship of “Redki Couture Jewellery.”

Create your story through distinctive jewellery

Embark on a journey into the realm of bold, daring elegance with Redki Couture Jewellery.

Every piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted, curated to elevate your style while reflecting your exceptional essence, ensuring your true nature shines through effortlessly.

Embrace your uniqueness and stand apart with our exclusive, sophisticated collection.

Explore the hidden gem for luxurious, tailor-made jewellery proudly crafted in Brisbane, Australia.
Discover our Rings Collection and immerse yourself in the artistry of “Redki Couture Jewellery.”

Moonlight Red Cocktail Ring, Fire Red Teardrop 4cm Crystal, Rhodium Metal
manhattan nights cuff bracelet, silver metal, green crystal teardrop, handmade by Redki Couture Jewellery


The architecture of simplicity for eye-catching moments

Stealing Kisses Teardrop Crystal Silver Bridal Necklace, perfect for your wedding Day, Hand Made by Redki Couture Jewellery


Luxury jewellery to style with your outfit, reflect your true nature of exceptional

Manhattan Nights Magenta Pink Ring 30mm Crystal, Rhodium Metal, handmade in Australia, by Redki Couture Jewellery


The art of making the complex simple, dazzling rings to adorn your hands

Astor Chiffon Flamingo Pink and Clear Long Chandelier Earrings 8cm long pink earrings, Rhodium Metal, handmade by Redki Couture Jewellery


You don’t belong in a box, your style is unbridled decadence

A glimpse at our handmade process.


Custom made jewellery is an immersive process that you are a part of the design process.
It is an exciting and a lovely process.
Jewellery made for you to reflect your true nature of exceptional.

Do you have a vision for a bespoke jewellery piece that speaks to your style essence?

Elevate your style with a custom-made creation that embodies your ideas and inspirations. Collaborate with me, Michelle, and bring your vision to life through an immersive design process that puts your creativity at the forefront

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Handmade in Australia

Proudly handmade with care and passion, made in Brisbane Australia

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Multi award winning jeweller, featured on covers of magazines & on many celebrities

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